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Unit Owners Association QLD

Since 1978 The Unit Owners Association of Queensland has been serving unit owners in Queensland as a not-for-profit organization representing the perspectives and interests of owners and investors. In this way, the UOAQ is the torch carried from each generation of unit owners to the next. By joining us, you’re helping you. What we believe The UOAQ believes that community living in Queensland should give owners and investors control over their homes and investments. This experience should deliver the natural benefits of apartment living such as cost of living efficiency, community harmony and be free from activities which are inconsistent with this natural objective whatever the source. It is for these reasons that the UOAQ is dedicated to supporting the owners, investors and committees that underwrite the strata living industry in Queensland by: Knowledge sharing and support Advocacy Member benefits Whether you are an owner, investor or committee the UOAQ is chartered for you.
  • Address: Level 7 / 333 Adelaide Street GPO Box 2359 BRISBANE, QLD 4001 AUSTRALIA
  • Phone: 0732200959
  • Email:
  • Website: uoaq.org.au